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In addition to doing the day-to-day running of A Novel Mind, and being an advocate/speaker

for neurodiversity and autism acceptance, Sally J. Pla is also the author of award-winning novels for young people, including The Fire, The Water, and Maudie McGinn, The Someday Birds  Stanley Will Probably Be Fine, Benji, The Bad Day, And Me, and Ada and Zaz, all of which feature 'differently brained' kids. Her newest novel is Invisible Isabel (July 2024). Visit her on linktree, or at

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Merriam Sarcia Saunders is a writer and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a passion for helping people with ADHD, Learning Differences and Autism. She is the author of the companion picture books, My Whirling, Twirling Motor, and My Wandering, Dreaming Mind, and the middle grade novel, Trouble With a Tiny T.

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Kate Piliero created our website design. Thanks Kate!


Jen Drummond Brauer created our "Mr. Brainy" logo. Thanks Jen! 

Margaret Lennon was our intern. Thanks, Margaret!

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Adriana White created our Resource Pages. She is an autistic school librarian and a former special education teacher. She holds a Master’s degree in Education as well as an MLIS. For more of Adriana's writing on autism, neurodiversity, and education, click here.

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