New & Notable

Here are some of the latest titles we've added to the database, along with our personal favorites! 

Below, you will find our searchable database of hundreds of children’s books that touch on neurodiversity and mental health issues.


So, if you want to search for YA books about eating disorders from the early 2000s, you can find that. Or recent picture books from a particular publisher involving ADHD -- you can find that too. You can search by issue, age, publisher, book title, whether the issue is in the main character, friend or sibling-and more. We hope this helps you find that perfect book for that special reader.

If you know of a book that belongs in the database that isn't listed, please email us! (If the book was traditionally published and represents neurodiversity or a diagnosable mental health condition, we'd love to add it.)

DISCLAIMER: This database is meant to be comprehensive, not qualitative. We have not rated or ranked the books.  Therefore, particularly in some older titles, there may be content that is not considered empowering today. Our goal is to help you aggregate a list of possibilities, based on your interests, so that you may then winnow, explore, focus, or curate as you wish. Thank you for visiting!

*Note: the database is sortable/searchable on laptop or desktops, and on mobile if you install the Airtable app.