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Mental Health Resources

Learn More About Mental Health


Common mental health myths - Children’s Health 

Back-To-School Mental Health Guide -

5 Ways to End Mental Health Stigma - Children’s Health 

Self-Care for Resilience - Resources - MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds

What to Say - Tips for talking about mental illnesses - Make It OK

Seize the Awkward - Talk With A Friend About Mental Health


Nourish Your Mental Health Daily - WikiHow

Mental Health Awareness events

Mental Health Awareness Month - NAMI  (May)

Mental Illness Awareness Week - NAMI (first week of Oct.)

National Stress Awareness Day - (first Wed. in Nov.)

Suicide Prevention Week - NAMI (September)

International OCD Awareness Week - International OCD Foundation (Oct)

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day - AFSP  (11/20/21)

additional Resources for School Librarians
additional Resources for Educators

For High Schools - The Jed Foundation (JED)

Education and Awareness - NIMH

Anti-Bullying Resources for Classroom Teachers -

Guide to Preventing Bullying in School -

Resources for Educators - Child Mind Institute

Tools - The Campaign to Change Direction (Depression/Mental-Health)

Tools from -- comprehensive resources for teachers and future teachers who work with students with learning disabilities.

Comprehensive info on academic accommodations for mental illness from

More on mental health
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