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Presentations And PD

Presentation slides and other professional development resources for librarians and educators, courtesy of Adriana L. White. 

Presentation Slides

We Need NeuroDiverse Books: American Assn of School Librarians 2021 Salt Lake City


We Need​ (Neuro)Diverse Books! - 2021 Texas Library Association Presentation

Social-Emotional Learning and the Power of Stories - 2021 Texas Computer Education Association Presentation

Celebrating Neurodiversity: Insights from an Autistic Educator and Self-Advocate - 2021 Inclusion Works! Presentation

Professional Development

Autistics in the Library: How Libraries Can More Effectively Serve Patrons and Employees on the Spectrum - Charlie Remy, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Library

Project ENABLE - Syracuse University

Additional Resources

Autistic Allies in Education - Facebook Group

Autistics in Libraries & Their Allies - Facebook Group

Autistic School Staff Project - Dr. Rebecca Wood et. al (UK-based)  - Very general info for those just starting out and interested in becoming a teacher. 


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