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Welcome to A Novel Mind, a resource for exploring children's literature that deals with mental health and neurodiversity issues.

We've been called "a gold mine" for educators and parents who are looking for the right book for the right child.


Books and stories are a wonderful way to spark conversations and frame new perspectives. They help kids feel less alone, helping them better understand themselves, each other, and our complicated world. 

Our site offers 3 resources: the Database, the Educator Resource Pages, and the Blog Page, where today's preeminent children's writers write about aspects of mental health, neurodiversity, and children's books every week during the school year.


Many thanks to autistic children's librarian Adriana White for creating our Educator Resource Pages. To ADHD writer/mom Kate Piliero for designing our website. And to ADHD therapist/author Merriam Saunders, LMFT, and our wonderful intern Margaret Lennon, for creating our searchable database. In it you'll find more than 1,000 books that touch on mental/emotional health and neurodiversity issues. 


Please sign up for our occasional newsletter! Definitely join us on Twitter or Facebook.  And let us know what you think. A Novel Mind is a labor of love -- and we'd love to hear from you. :-)  Thank you for visiting.

-- Sally J. Pla



 “A Novel Mind is an invaluable resource for educators, librarians, parents, authors, and -- most importantly -- young readers. Books can change and even save lives, and A Novel Mind is helping them do exactly that.”

 - Jarret Lerner, author and child literacy advocate

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