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Welcome to A Novel Mind, a resource for exploring children's literature that addresses children's mental health and neurodiversity issues. 


According to CDC data, one in six U.S. children aged 2 to 8 years has a diagnosed mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder. And depression and anxiety rates are increasing, especially among adolescents. 


Books are one of the best ways to reach kids and their peers who may need help seeing they are not alone. Who may wonder what being "wired differently" or what struggling with mental/emotional/behavioral challenges can mean.


Stories create empathy and increase understanding. They spark conversations, frame new perspectives, and help kids to feel connected -- to feel 'seen.'

Our site offers you two main resources: our Database, and our Blog Page, where today's preeminent children's writers write about aspects of mental health, neurodiversity, and children's books every week. Click around for our various resource links. Or you can:

Our user-friendly searchable database, hosted by Airtable, features more than 1,000 books. Please note that these entries are not reviewed or rated by us. The database is meant as a fruitful starting point, as you compile a reading list or think about that special child in need of a certain story. 


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 “A Novel Mind is an invaluable resource for educators, librarians, parents, authors, and -- most importantly -- young readers. Books can change and even save lives, and A Novel Mind is helping them do exactly that.”

 - Jarret Lerner, author and child literacy advocate