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Jennifer LaRocco: Why Representation Matters (Cerebral Palsy)

My name is Jennifer LaRocco. I live with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This condition shapes every aspect of my life, from daily challenges to some of my greatest triumphs. Despite the obstacles I face, I'm passionate about advocating for individuals with disabilities, especially those with cerebral palsy.

As such I’ve dedicated myself to raising awareness about cerebral palsy through my work as a writer and outreach coordinator at Through public outreach efforts and guest writing, I strive to offer support, guidance, and inspiration to others navigating similar paths.

Understanding and representation of cerebral palsy are crucial for several reasons, particularly for children facing this condition. Firstly, it promotes inclusivity and acceptance, helping children with cerebral palsy feel valued and understood in their communities and educational environments. When society recognizes and accommodates their needs, children with cerebral palsy can thrive and reach their full potential.

Also, raising awareness about cerebral palsy dispels misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the condition. By educating others about the diverse experiences and abilities of individuals with cerebral palsy, we can combat stigma, and promote empathy and respect.

And lastly, representation matters! Because it provides role models and inspiration for children with cerebral palsy. Seeing individuals like themselves succeeding in various fields and pursuits -- and in the pages of their books and stories -- can instill hope and confidence in their own abilities and aspirations.

For a roundup of a few books with great cerebral palsy representation, see A Novel Mind's post, here.

By fostering understanding and representation of cerebral palsy, we create a more inclusive and supportive world where all individuals, regardless of ability, can live fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to society. 


Jennifer LaRocco, a writer and advocate at, offers valuable support and insights for those impacted by cerebral palsy. Through her articles, she shares practical guidance, empathy, and awareness, fostering inclusivity and empowerment within the community. Jennifer's dedication stems from her personal connection to the condition, providing hope and understanding to individuals and families navigating its challenges.

She is currently working on some stories for children.




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